Foot Goddess Natalie
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I am your Goddess Natalie, here to feed your fetish with my beautiful feet; delicious toes, elegant arches, soft, silky soles all at the bottom of my long, smooth legs...

I have always pampered my feet and have never been shy about showing them off. I love to be barefoot but I also love stockings and of course I love a great pair of shoes. Especially stilettoes. My feet are a very sensual part of my body to me, and one of my very favorite erogenous zones. I absolutely love my boyfriend worshiping them.

After an outpouring of love on social media and from my boyfriends unending desire for my feet, we've created this site. Come inside my world; you'll find me barefoot, slipping off shoes, sometimes sliding off stockings all around our incredible city, at home and of course in bed... We'll have a new set of high quality photos up every week, seducing you with the every day to the erotic, always classy, always sexy, all for you...

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